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Meditation for Life is suitable for people of any faith or none, who want to learn how to escape from stress and worries of the day by moving into the stillness of their minds.

Our seminars and courses use various methods to achieve an altered state of consciousness that enables the mind, body and soul to unify, heal and ground, thus when tapped into, one can flow freely in accomplishing life's tasks and challenges receiving an abundance of unlimited intuitive awareness and inner guidance.

Methods as Imagery, Visualization, Chakra Balancing and as well as Meditations focusing on global peace and the collective consciousness will be introduced.

We have beginner and advanced courses with weekly guided support meditation sessions to help maintain one's practice.

Weekly guided imagery sessions are offered every Tuesday evening from 18h40-19h25 at Le Coin du Coeur, The Art of Healing Centre in Colovrex. www.theartofhealingcentre.ch

Special Events/Workshops/Seminars/Retreats with leading Spiritual Intuitives, are part of our complete meditation resource.




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“Le Coin du Coeur”, The Art of Healing Centre, 16‚ rte de Colovrex, 1218 Grand Saconnex Geneva www.theartofhealingcentre.ch
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